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  2. how did i ever make it to adulthood? i surely can not survive this.

  3. King Woman + Foie Gras + Mother Room + Me. La Puente CA. Photo by Duane G.


  4. I’m 30 years old today.

  5. sqncs:

    New website - big update cargocollective.com/nielsg

  6. sqncs:

    Received the biggest package (actually three to be precise) from Thom / Planning for Burial this morning. Incredible. I couldn’t be more happy with how the artwork on Desideratum turned out. #planningforburial


  7. two more shows left for the summer.

    then i need to finish writing stuff for two different splits as well as record one already existing song for another one. the list of things I had release wise a few months back has changed drastically.

    all while cleaning out the house and getting ready to move.

  8. Tour leftovers are up over at http://www.planningforburial.bigcartel.com

    I’ll get what orders I can out on Monday and Tuesday before heading to Gilead Media Fest. Everything else wont be shipped out until July 23rd.

  9. 07 July 2014. Brooklyn NY. Last night of tour


  10. "It’s never quite right, all the things we are
    taught, all the loves we chase, all the deaths we
    die, all the lives we live."
    — Charles Bukowski, Cut While Shaving (via hellanne)

    (via sorrowmaven)